Meet the team

Game Shakers

When Babe and Kenzie created Sky Whale for a seventh grade science project, they were hoping for a passing grade at best.

Babe Carano

Company Position:
Concept Designer
Babe Carano is the co-owner of and creative muscle behind Game Shakers. She takes ideas and makes them big – number one game in the app store big. Babe is always willing to take charge, and isn’t afraid to take chances. She’s cool-headed, quick-witted, and confident, and a great friend to have by your side.

Kenzie Bell

Company Position:
Game Developer
Kenzie Bell is the lead game developer and co-owner of Game Shakers. She gets straight A’s, but her mind is always on play, and she uses her coding skills to make all the Game Shakers games a reality. She’s known for her crazy fashion sense (she’s one of the first to ever rock a Poof Suit) and her varied coping mechanisms (squats, anyone?). Kenzie lives is Brooklyn with her parents and her pocket weasel, Cujo.

Triple G

Company Position:
Master Gamer
Triple G’s got serious gaming skills that make him the perfect head game tester for Game Shakers. Whether it’s racking up high scores in Sky Whale and Punchy Face, or saving everyone by using his flight simulator prowess to land a real-life plane, Trip’s the gaming all-star son the rest of the Game Shakers depend on.

Hudson Gimble

Company Position:
Game Tester
How can a boy that cute be that stupid? Hudson Gimble is the test dummy for the Game Shakers games. He’s lovable and often clueless, but can surprise you with a show of wit or logic here and again.

Double G

Company Position:
Business Manager
Double G is a superstar rapper with A-list status, and also the co-owner of Game Shakers. He loves making music, making a scene, and making money. But most of all, he loves his son, Triple G. Babe and Kenzie help Dub remember his passion for games, and while he doesn’t always have the most helpful contributions on the job, he’s always willing to put on a show for everyone.
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